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Missha – The Style Lip And Eye Makeup Remover (60% off discount) Original Price: 550 Promo Price: 170 pesos only ✔Provides excellent cleaning! It has a 2-story structure in the form of oil & water. Cleans water-resistant and heavy makeup properly ✔Provides a freshness finish! A perfect cleanser that refreshes your skin without stickiness or discomfort! ✔Herbal succinct content! Purslane extract, mulberry tree root extract, Fallopia Multiflora extract has such herbal ingredients! With these ingredients, it cleans the tired eyes and lips around your eyes by making up the makeup on your face for a long time! How to use Before use, shake the bottle thoroughly so that 2-layer liquid can mix! Pour a sufficient amount into makeup cotton and wipe your eye and lip makeup with gentle gestures!