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The ultimate multi-purpose gel Enriched with aloe vera to 100%, suitable for all skin types that require moisture and nourishing water. Helps nourish the skin to be smooth and soft Relieve inflammation, burning sensation The gel absorbs quickly. Not sticky Can be used on both face and body
Additional properties
1. Used for facial mask to increase moisture.
2. Mixed with makeup base, foundation cream or BB cream
3. Can be used to coat the skin while or after shaving and various hairs
4. Used to nourish the skin, hands and nails.
5. Used to add moisture to the body instead of the Body Lotion.100% ALOE VERA Soothing Gel



“Tips on how to use”

Apply a small amount only or gradually if you want only a not stronger scent.

For a more soothing effect, we recommend your gel to put it in a refrigerator or chiller.

A) Soothes Puffy Eyes and Creates Baby Lips, soak a cotton pads with chilled gel and place it over eye lids to calm puffy eyes. Place the cotton pad with this gel and place it over dry lips for 3 minutes, wipe away dead skin for smoother lips .


B) Sooth Fatigue, Irritated skin, apply a moderate amount over your face to make a thin mask to soothe skin. The gel protects you skin from UV rays and dusts.


C) A Secret to Shiny Hair, mix with treatment, apply to hair to revitalize damaged locks and create a natural hair style.


D) Body Moisturizer, massage gel onto your hands, feet and even to your entire body to achieve soft babyish skin. Mix with facial oil to double the moisturizing effect.


E) Moisturizing Sleeping Pack, mix gel with few drops of facial oil to create your own moisturizing sleeping pack. It forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.



1) If any redness, blotches, swelling or itching occurs during or after applying the gel or when the skin is expose to sunlight, please ask for professional advice from dermatologist.

2) Avoid applying on wounded area.

3) Keep away from children and do not store under direct sunlight.


Contains 92% aloe vera extract, a multi-functional soothing gel made from California aloe vera that gently hydrates your face, arms, legs, hair.


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